Friday, 17 February 2017

Dutch steam corvette Zr.Ms. Prinses Amelia stationed in the waters of the Moluccas, Dutch East Indies according to the Dutch newspaper Nederlandsche staatscourant dated 5 February 1867

Model Rijksmuseum Amsterdam NG-MC-487.  Original source

An item referred to tidings dated 15th December 1866 dealing with the movements of the ships belonging to the Dutch squadron in the Dutch East Indies. The screw steamship 1st class Prinses Amelia captain lieutenant C.A.L.H. baron van Heeckeren stationed in the waters of the Moluccas.(1)

1. Former ‘kuil’ corvette Borneo, ‘kuil’corvette, on stocks at the navy yard at Rotterdam, Netherlands 30 August 1845, designed by K. Turk, disassembled and transported to the navy yard of Vlissingen, Netherlands in August 1850, renamed Prinses Amalia on 6 August 1850, laid down by P.A. Bruin 29 July 1853, launched as Princes Amelia as corvette with steam power afternoon Friday 12 October 1855, commissioned on 26 May 1856, call sign GQRL, guard ship at Surabaya, Dutch East Indies 1872-1875, condemned and sold on auction at Surabaya for ƒ 20.000 to be broken up on 9 October 1875, building costs ƒ 560.760,53½, dimensions 36,50 x 10,3 x 4,82 metres as Borneo and as Prinses Amelia 49,8 (load line between perpendiculars)-53,6 (foreside prow-aft side rudder stern) x 11 (inner hull) x 4,5(fore)-5,0 (aft) x 5,71 (depth) metres, displacement, 776 (Borneo)-1.350 (Prinses Amelia) tons, 807 tonnage (Prinse Amelia 1874), 16-19 (Prinses Amelia)-28 (Borneo) guns, crew as Prinses Amelia numbering 178 (1874)-207 men, maximum speed under steam 6-7knots and a horsepower of 150 hp. Armament as the Prinses Amelia consisted on gun deck of 12 long 30pd gun no. 2, 4-heavy 2”grenade guns no. 2 and on upper deck 1 long 30pd pivot gun no. 2 and at both sides 1 long 30pd gun no. 2. In 1869 8-long 30 pd guns, 4-20” grenade guns and 4-4pd rifled guns. A so-called water-tube boiler with 176 tubes and with a partly telescopic funnel