Friday, 17 February 2017

Dutch steamship 1st class Zr. Ms. Ardjoeno lying at Batavia, Dutch East according to the Dutch news[a[er Nederlandsche staatscourant dated 5 February 1867

An item referred to tidings dated 15th December 1866 dealing with the movements of the ships belonging to the Dutch squadron in the Dutch East Indies. The steamship 1st class Ardjoeno captain lieutenant H.B. Kip lying at Batavia, Dutch East Indies ready for service.(1)

1. Steam warship, call sign GQCK, on stocks at the navy yard at Amsterdam, Netherlands as Pluto on 4 February 1848, launched on 1 or 2 September 1849, renamed Ardjoeno in December 1849, engines manufactured by the N.S.M. (decided 26 August 1847 for ƒ 210.979,00 to deliver on 15 March 1849), trial on 28 April 1850, departed on 28 December 1850 towards the Dutch East Indies, arrived there on 26 May 1851, docked at the navy yard at Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands between 28 March-8 June 1854, transferred to the Dutch East Indies Military Navy on 1 January 1868, stricken in 1873, dimensions 56,00 x 10,70 x 4,80 metres, displacement 1.486 tons and a horsepower of 300 hp.