Monday, 13 February 2017

Swedish fleet programs according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1938 no. 5

An item referred to the magazine Marine Rundschau dated April 1938 reporting that in Sweden the fleet program of vice admiral De Champs was criticised by general Thörnell (2), chief general staff of the army. He presented alternative fleet programs for which a lower budget was needed. His favourite program which was also the cheapest was to maintain just a pure fleet for the coastal defence. This program included 4 armoured heavy ships armed with 4-25cm guns and 6-12cm guns to replace the 3 Sverige-class ships. Speed 20 knots. Armour should protect against 20,3cm shells and armour bombs. Further more 1-2 cruisers to replace the existing cruisers, 8 destroyers with an armament of 5-12cm guns, 6 large and 4 small submarines and 4 motor torpedo boats. Annual expenses 13,58 million crones against the 14,98 million crones under the fleet program 1936.

1. Charles Léon de Champs (10 October 1873 Stockholm, Sweden-17 February 1959 Stockholm, Sweden), chief of the naval staff 1936-1937 and chief of the navy 1936-1939, served in the Swedish navy 1893-1939 and became the rank of vice admiral.
2. Olaf Gerhard Thörnell (19 October 1877 Trönö, Sweden)-25 July 1977 Uppsala, Sweden), supreme commander 8 December 1939-1 April 1944, served in the army 1897-1950.