Thursday, 23 March 2017

American heavy cruiser USS Rochester (CA-124) 1944-1974


Oregon City-class

Laid down by the Bethlehem Steel Company, Quincy, Massachusetts, USA on 29 May 1944, launched on 28 August 1945, commissioned on 20 December 1946, decommissioned on 15 August 1961, stricken on 1 October 1973 and sold Zidell Explorations, Portland, Oregon, USA to be broken up on 24 September 1974.

Oregon city-class consisting of the Oregon City, Albany, Rochester, Northampton, Cambridge, Bridgeport, Kansas City, Tulsa, Norfolk and Scranton, preceded by the Baltimore-class and succeeded by the Des Moines –class. Modified Baltimore-class design. The superstructure was more compact and fitted out with a single trunked funnel to be able to increase the fire range arcs of the anti aircraft armament.

Common technical class specifications. Displacement 13.260 tons (standard) and as dimensions 205,26 x 21,59 x 8,03 metres or 673’5”x 70’10” x 26’4”. The machinery consisted of General Electric turbines delivering 120.000 ship to make a speed of 32,4 knots possible. The crew numbered 1.142 men (included officers). Except for the 4 scout floating planes they carry with them, consisted the armament of 3x3-20,3cm/8” /55 cal guns, 6x2-12,7cm/5” /38 cal guns, 48-4cm/1.57” Bofors guns and 20-2cm/0.78” Oerlikon cannons.