Friday, 24 March 2017

British protected cruiser 3rd class HMS Pomone 1896-1922


HMS Hyacinth of the Highflyer-class

Laid down at the Sheerness Dockyard, England on 21 December 1896, launched on 25 November 1897, completed in May 1899, decommissioned in October 1904, hulked and became a training ship for engineers and stationed at the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth, England since 5 January 1910 and sold to J.H. Lee, Dover, England to be broken up on 25 October 1922.

Of the Pelorus-class designed by chief constructor of the British Royal Navy Sir William White (2 February 1845 Plymouth, England-27 February 1913 London, England)consisting of the Pactolus, Pandora, Pegasus, Pelorus, Perseus, Pioneer, Pomone, Prometheus, Proserpine, Psyche and Pyramus, preceded by the Arrogant-class and succeeded by the Highflyer-class.

General technical class specifications. Displacement of 2.169 tons and as dimensions 91,4 (between perpendiculars)-95,6 (over all) x 11,1 x 4,9 metres or 300’-313’6” x 36’6” x 16’. Machinery consisted of 2 shafts reciprocating vertical triple expansion steam engines and Blechynden 16 water-tube boilers delivering 7.000-7.340 (forced draught) ihp allowing a speed of 20 (design)-20.8(sea trials) knots. Crew numbered 224 men. Armour consisted of a 3,8/1.5”05,1cm/2” thick deck while the conning tower was protected by 7,6cm/3” thick armour. The armament consisted of 8x1-10,2cm/4” quick firing guns, 8x1-4,7cm/3pd quick firing guns, 3 machineguns and 2x1-45cm/18” torpedo tubes.