Friday, 31 March 2017

British aircraft carrier HMS Furious again to be rebuilt according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1937 no. 7

Courageous-class battle cruisers

HMS Furious

An item referred to the magazine Marine Rundschau dated August 1937 reporting that the British aircraft carrier HMS Furious was to rebuilt again. The lower flight deck on the poop which could not e used with worse weather conditions was to be removed.(1)

1. Originally a very lightly armoured and armed battle cruiser of a modified Courageous-design especially built to support the so-called Baltic Project of admiral Lord Fisher which was an invasion on the German coast of Pomerania, She was to support the landing. Laid down at the shipyard of Armstrong Whitworth, Wallsend, England on 8 June 1915, launched on 15 August 1916, commissioned on 26 June 1917, trials on 2 August 1917, first landing of an aircraft on a moving ship on 2 August 1917, returned to the dockyard for removal of her aft turret and instead fitting her out with a landing deck and 2 lifts for the hangars, decommissioned on 15 March 1918, laid up, converted into an aircraft carrier fitted out with a continuous flight deck of 175,6 x 28 metres between June 1921-September 1925, between 1 July 1930 and February 1932 again modernized, decommissioned in May 1932, deck landing training carrier since 1937, reserve since 15 September 1944, paid off and berthed at Loch Striven in April 1945 and finally sold to be broken up in 1948, which was completed at. Troon, Scotland in 1954. Pennant number 47. Nicknamed Spurious.