Friday, 31 March 2017

South African defence strengthened according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1937 no. 7

An item referred that the defence of South Africa would be intensive strengthened despite that South Africa earlier refused to participate in the so-called general scheme of Imperial defence as stated by minister Pirow on 5 February 1935. The naval base Simonstown was improved, Robben Island which dominated the entrance to the Table Bay was strengthened with guns and a squadron bombers which was to cooperate with the warships stationed at South Africa was transferred to Wijnberg. The number of bombers and fighters was to be increased to 300 and 1.000 war pilots to be trained. At Pretoria was an arms industry to be established and a so-called War Supplied Board to reorganizes the existing industry to meet the needs of the armed forces.

1. Oswald Pirow(14 August 1880 Aberdeen, Eastern Cape, South Africa-11 October 1959 Pretoria, South Africa), at that time minister of defence 1933-1939, earlier minister of justice.