Tuesday, 7 March 2017

British minister of navy Alexander praised the Royal Netherlands Navy for her cooperation according to the Dutch newspaper Soerabaijasch handelsblad dated 31 January 1942

An item dated London, England 30th reported that the British minister of navy A.V. Alexander (1) wrote to his Dutch opponent vice admiral J. Th. Furstner (2) that the British Admiralty, he and he believed whole England admired the efforts of the Royal Netherlands Navy in the Far East against Japan. After the last 18 months nobody at the Admiralty was surprised with this high standard of skills shown by the Dutch naval personnel. Furstner was asked to congratulate vice admiral Helfrich (3) with this al. Further more expressed Alexander again the loyal and willing cooperation with the Dutch naval authorities.

1. Albert Victor Alexander, 1st Earl of Hillsborough (1 May 1885 Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England-11 January 1965 London, England), Labour Co-coperative politician, First Lord of the Admiralty 7 June 1929-24 August 1931, 11 May 1940-25 May 1945 and 3 August 1945-4 October 1946 and Minister of Defence 20 December 1946-28 February 1950.
2. Johannes Theodorus Furstner (16 January 1887 Amsterdam, Netherlands-15 September 1970, minister of navy 1941-1945 and since 1939 supreme commander of the Royal Netherlands Navy, served in the navy 1902-1945 and dismissed in the rank of lieutenant-admiral.
3. Conrad Helfrich (11 October 1886 Semarang, Dutch East Indies-20 September 1962 The Hague, Netherlands), in the Second World War first commander of the navy in the Dutch East Indies, since 1942 commanding the forces in the East, since 1945 commander of the naval forces, served in the Royal Netherlands Navy 1903-1948 and dismissed in the rank of lieutenant-admiral.