Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Finnish coastal batteries damaged Russian battleship Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya heavily according to the Dutch newspaper Soerabaijasch handelsblad dated 22 December 1939


An item dated Helsinki, Finland 21st reported that official sources confirmed that Finnish coastal batteries at Bjoerkoe heavily damaged the Russian 23.000 tons battleship Oktiabrskaya Revolutia. She was hit amidships and towed to safety by two Russian destroyers. Tiding that she was sunk were not confirmed.(1) 

1. Laid down as the Gangut by Admiralty Works, St. Petersburg, Russia on 16 June 1909, launched on 20 October 1911, commissioned on 11 January 1915, acquired by the Bolsheviks in November 1917, renamed Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya on 27 June 1925, modernized 1931-1934, reclassified as training ship on 24 July 1954 and finally stricken on 17 February 1956. Of the Gangut-class, consisting of the Gangut (renamed 1925 Oktyabrskaja Revolutsiya , Petropavlovsk (renamed Marat 1921), Sevastopol (renamed Parizhskaya Kommuna in 1921) and Poltava (renamed Frunze 1926), preceded by the Andrei Pervozvanny-class and succeeded by the  Imperatritsa Mariya-class.