Monday, 20 March 2017

Russian squadron visiting Jaffa according to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf dated 14 March 1903



An item reported the arrival on last Tuesday of a Russian squadron consisting of the battleship Imperator Nicolas I (1) and the gunboats Khraabrye (2) and Abreke (2) commanded by vice admiral Kiager at Jaffa [Ottoman Empire nowadays Israel]. The admiral accompanied by 600 officers and sailors visited Jerusalem. The squadron was now destined towards Beirut, Lebanon.

1. Laid down by Franco-Russian Works, Saint Petersburg, Russia on 4 August 1886, launched on 1 June 1889, commissioned in July 1891, captured by Japanese on 28 May 1905, commissioned as the Iki on 6 June 1905, stricken on 1 May 1915 and sunk as a target on 3 October 1915. Of the Imperator Aleksandr II-class consisting of the Imperator Aleksandr II and the Imperator Nicolai I, preceded by the Ekaterina II-class and succeeded by the Dvenadsat Apostolov.
2. The Khrabryy. Laid down on 27 December 1894, launched on 21 November 1895, part of the Soviet navy since 30 December 1922, renamed Krasnoye Znamya, sunk by Finnish motor torpedo boats in the harbour of Lavansaari, Gulf of Finland on 18 November 1942, salvaged on 13 November 1943, decommissioned on 17 September 1944 and stricken in 1960.
3. The torpedo cruiser Abrek. Improved Leytenant Ilyin-design. Laid down at Wm. Crichton &Co, Abo, Finland in July 1895, launched on 23 May 1896, completed in October 1897, despatch vessel since October 1907, modernized in 1908, board guard ship since September 1908, again despatch vessel since August 1914, survey vessel since December 1918, again despatch vessel since April 1946, hulk since 1940, part of the Baltic Fleet and finally broken up in 1948.