Friday, 3 March 2017

Silhouette of Russian battleship Parizhskaya Kommuna changed after 1937 modernisation according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1938 no. 5


An item referred to the magazine Revista Marittima dated May 1938 reporting the modernisation in 1937 at Sevastopol of the Russian battleship Paraijskaja Kommuna. Her silhouette seemed to be drastically changed.(1)

1. Ceremonial laid down at the Baltic Shipyard, St, Petersburg, Russia on 16 June 1909, building actually started September-October 1909, launched on 10 July 1911, commissioned on 30 November 1914, renamed Parizhskaya Kommuna on 31 March 1921, re built between November 1933-January 1938 and December 1939-July 1940, reclassified as ‘school battleship’ on 24 July 1954, stricken on 17 February 1056 and finally broken up at Sevastopol, Russia between 1956-1957. Of the Gangut or Sevastopol-class. After protests against approving a Vickers design by the Russian navy was decided to open an international design contest resulting in 51 designs sent by 13 shipyards. The actual building was not realized lacking the needed finances until the Doema (the Russian parliament) approved the budget in 1911.