Friday, 14 April 2017

American battleship USS Florida launched according to the Dutch newspaper Rotterdamsch nieuwsblad dated 14 June 1910


An item reported that a day earlier at Brooklyn, USA America’s largest dreadnought the 21.000 tons measuring USS Florida was launched.(1)

1. Of the Florida-class dreadnoughts consisting of the Florida and Utah, preceded by the Delaware-class and succeeded by the Wyoming-class. Building ordered on 13 May 1908, laid down at the New York Naval Shipyard on 8 March 1909, launched on 12 May 1920, sponsored by E.D. Fleming, commissioned on 15 September 1911, decommissioned in June 1924, modernized at the Boston Navy Yard (including adding torpedo bulges, replacing lattice masts by pole mast, two funnels trunked into one stack) and adding a catapult) ) between 1 April 1925-1 November 1926, decommissioned on 16 February 1931, but sold to be broken up at Philadelphia and stricken on 6 April 1931