Tuesday, 18 April 2017

American battleship USS Oklahoma launched according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1914-1915 no. 4

An item referred to the Revue Maritime dated May 1914 reporting the launching on 23rd March of the USS battleship Oklahoma with an main armament of 10-35,6cm guns arranged over 2x2-2x3 axial gun turrets with the 2x2-gun turrets each super firing over one 2x3 gun turret. Furthermore armed with 21-12,7cm guns, 4-4,7cm salute guns and 2-3,7cm. (1)

1. Of the Nevada-class consisting of the USS Nevada (BB-36) and Oklahoma (BB-37) preceded by the New York-class and succeeded by the Pennsylvania-class. Building authorized on 4 March 1911. Laid down by New York Shipbuilding Corporation, Camden, New Jersey on 26 October 1912, launched on 23 March 1914, sponsored by Lorena J. Cruce, commissioned on 2 May 1916, modernized at the Philadelphia navy yard between 1927-1930, sunk with the loss of 429 men during the Japanese air attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on 7 December 1942, decommissioned and stricken on 1 September 1944, salvaged and sold to the Moore Drycock Company, Oakland, California for 46.000 US dollars to be broken up on 5 December 1946 and underway to her final destination San Francisco Bay sunk on a unknown position in a storm more as 500 miles distance from Hawaii on 17 May 1947.