Saturday, 22 April 2017

British heavy cruiser HMS Norfolk (78) 1927-1950



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Of the Norfolk sub-class of the County-class consisting of the Norfolk and Dorsetshire, preceded by the Hawkins-class and succeeded by the York-class. It was a slightly improved London-design with the positions of her anti aircraft armament and a lower bridge due to the removed topmost deck. Designed by Sir William Berry and built under the 1926-1927 Estimates.

Laid down by Fairfield Shipping&Engineering Co. Ltd., Govan, Scotland on 8 July 1927, launched on 12 December 1928, commissioned on 30 April 1930, sold to BISCO be broken up on 3 January 1950 and arrived at Newport on 19 February 1950 to undergo her final fate.

Displacement 10,196 (standard)-13,640 (full load) tons and as dimensions 192,86 x 20 x 5,5 metres or 632.9 x 66 x 18 feet. The machinery consisted of 4 Parsons Brown-Curtis geared steam turbines and 8 boilers supplying via 4 shafts 80.000 shp allowing a speed of31,5 knots and with a speed of 12 knots a range of 12.000 nautical miles. Oil fuel bunker capacity 3.200 tons. Her crew numbered 719 (peacetime)-819 (wartime). The armament consisted of 4x2-20,3cm/8” L/50 Mk VIII guns (super firing, 2 fore and 2 aft, 2, 4x1-10,2cm/4” L/45 Mk XVI quick firing anti aircraft guns, 4-3pd guns, 4-2pd pompom guns 2x4-53.3cm/21” torpedo tubes. Could carry 2 Supermarine Walrus fling boats with her.