Thursday, 13 April 2017

Dutch shipyard Kon. Mij. De Schelde built Dutch training brig Zr. Ms. Castor 1878-1919

An item dated 8 February 1878 registered the order of the Dutch Department of Navy deliver a training vessel called Zr. Ms. Castor with as dimensions 35 x 9 x 4,36 (hold) x 2,60-3,20 (empty) and 3-3,60 (loaded) metres and a displacement of 408-440 (loaded) cubic metres, completely fitted out included sails, rigging and inventory excluded armament. Contracted price ƒ 117.500+extra labour ordered in January 1879 79 ƒ 5.510=ƒ 123.101. Building costs ƒ 134.003,52 (material ƒ 74.990,59+cash/unspecified ƒ 6.748,44+labour ƒ 36.548,59+43% expenses on labour ƒ 15.715,90) resulting in a loss of 10,993,52. Another source claims she was ordered on 9 February 1878, keel laid down on 6 April 1878, in the thrushes on 14 June 1878, plating fitted on 28 August 1878, launched on 12 October 1878, completed in December 1878 but due to changes in rigging and frost not earlier delivered as on 28 February 1879. Stricken in 1910 and sold in 1919 for ƒ 8.310. Armament 2-12cm guns and 2-3,7cm guns. Crew numbered 28 men.

Archive Kon. Mij. De Schelde 1875-1970 214.1216 (Gemeentearchief Vlissingen, Netherlands).