Friday, 14 April 2017

Fire broken out on board of American battleship USS North Dakota according to the Dutch newspaper Nieuwe Tilburgsche Courant dated 9 September 1910


An item dated Norfolk, USA 8th reported that on board of the American battleship USS North Dakota (1) underway from Ocean-City fire broke out in the oil tanks. A hospital ship was underway to assist.

1. Building ordered on 2 March 1907, laid down at the Fore River Shipyard, Quincy Point, Massachusetts, USA on 16 December 1907, launched on 10 November 1909, baptized by Mary Benton, commissioned on 11 April 1910, decommissioned on 22 November 1923, disarmed and reclassified as unclassified ship n 29 May 1924, converted into a radio-controlled target ship, replaced by USS Utah in 1931, stricken on 7 January 1931 and sold to the Union Shipbuilding Company, Baltimore, USA be broken up on 16 March 1931. Part of the Delaware-class consisting of the Delaware and North Dakota, preceded by the South Carolina-class and succeeded by the Florida-class.