Friday, 14 April 2017

Contract signed for building American battleship USS Texas according to the Dutch newspaper De Tijd dated 22 December 1910

New York-class

An item dated London, England 22nd reported that the US cabinet signed a contract with the Newport News Shipbuilding Company for building the battleship USS Texas (1) for the sum of 5.830.000 US dollars.

1. Part of the New York-class consisting of the New York and the Texas, preceded by the Wyoming-class and succeeded by the Nevada-class. Building ordered on 24 June 1910, laid down by Newport News Shipbuilding on 17 April 1911, launched on 18 May 1912, sponsored by Claudia Lyon, commissioned on 12 March 1914, overhauled between 31 July 1925-23 November 1926, decommissioned on 21 April 1948, stricken on 30 April 1948 and now museum ship. Building costs 11.179.195 US dollars.