Wednesday, 12 April 2017

French battleship Verginaud launched according to the Dutch newspaper Bataviaasch nieuwsblad date 14 April 1910


An item dated Bordeaux, France 13th reported the launching of the French battleship Verginaud of 18.300 tons. Five similar ships were already launched. Together they formed the most powerful French squadron available.(1)

1. Of the Danton-class consisting of the Condorcet, Danton, Diderot, Mirabeau, Vergniaud and Voltaire. Building started on 26 December 1906. Laid down at the A.C. de Gironde, Bordeaux, France in November 1907, launched on 12 April 1909 or 1910, completed on 18 December 1911, decommissioned in June 1921, involved in a mutiny at Sevastopol when her crew supported the Russian Bolshevik forces, condemned on 27 October 1919, disarmed in 1922, used as a target ship especially for th effects of poison gases and bombs until 1926, to be disposed since 5 May 1927 and finally sold for 5.623.123 French francs to be broken up on 27 November 1928. Preceded by the Liberté-class and succeeded by the Courbet-class. Due to the huge number of changes of the original design and lacking decisions of the French minister of navy Gaston Thomson (29 January 1848, Oran, French Algeria-14 May 1932 Bône, Algeria) in time caused a serious delay in realizing the class.