Wednesday, 12 April 2017

German battle cruiser SMS Von der Tann very fast during trials according to the Dutch newspaper De Sumatra Post dated 28 October 1910

An item reported that the newest German dreadnought Von der Tann achieved during her trials a medium speed of 28 knots. This was the highest speed ever achieved by a ship of her kind.(1)

1. Battle cruiser. Laid down at the shipyard of Blohm&Voss, Hamburg, Germany on 21 March 1908, launched on 20 March 1909, baptized on 1 September 1910, commissioned on 20 March 1909, interned after the First World War at Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands, Scotland but scuttled by her own crew to prevent that she fell into British hands on 21 June 1919 and in the 1930s raised and broken up at Rosyth. Her homeport Was Kiel, Germany.