Thursday, 13 April 2017

German replenishment ship FGS Werra (A514) 1992-

Kiel, Germany 26 April 2016

Of the Type 404 Elbe-class replenishment ships consisting of the Elbe, Mosel, Rhein, Werra. Main and Donau succeeded by the Rhein-class. Stationed at Kiel, Germany as part of the 3rd Minesweeper squadron. General technical class specifications. Displacement 3.586 tons and as dimensions 100,55 x 15,40x  4,05 metres or 329.11 x 50.6 x 13’3” feet. Speed 15 knots, Range 2.600 nautical miles. Crew numbers 40 (standard) to be increased with more as 38 consisting of repair personnel, passengers and/or squadron staff. The armament consist of 2 Fliegerfaust surface-to-air missiles stands, 2-2cm Rheinmetall auto cannon to be replaced by 2-2,7cm MLG-27 remote controlled auto cannons. Fitted out with a heli deck for helicopters of Sea King size and larger. Laid down by Flensburger Schiffbau, Germany on 11 November 1992, launched on 17 June 1993 and commissioned on 9 December 1993. Call sign DRHM.