Thursday, 20 April 2017

Kon. Mij. De Schelde at Vlissingen, Netherlands built none trawlers for Russian account in 1940

On 22 July 1940 was at Amsterdam, Netherlands a meeting to discuss if the Dutch shipyard Kon. Mij. De Schelde, Vlissingen, Netherlands was able to built trawlers for Russian account. The Russian cabinet ordered on 11 July the building of 5 trawlers via the firm Otto Wolff by the Norderwerft, Hamburg, Germany. The lease treaty between both countries made it possible for Russia to order another 5 trawlers. The Norderwerft had however no capacity left for such order and the firm Wolff wished the transfer to the Dutch shipyard. If the latter agreed, would the firm Wolff be responsible to obtain the permission of the German Wirtschaftsministerium for the necessary credits and clearance of the budget. The needed material was to be delivered out of Germany. The trawlers were to be using the Mayer design (?). Again the firm Wolff was responsible for the needed permission. The building costs were to be paid as follows: 20% 4 weeks after ordering, 20% 4 weeks after laid down of the keels of each ship, 20% 4 weeks after the launching of each ship and40% of the delivery at Hamburg, Germany. The ships were however for an unknown reason never built at Vlissingen, Netherlands.

Archive Kon. Mij. De Schelde 1875-1970 (T214), Municipality Archive Vlissingen, inventory number 399C.