Friday, 28 April 2017

Polish auxiliary patrol vessel Médoc (P24) and Pomerol (P25) 1940-1941

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After France capitulated in June 1940 were around 100 French ships which seek refugee in British harbours seized by the British government. Some ships were transferred to the Polish allies including the Médoc and the Pomerol. The Médoc served between 18 July-22 October 1940 under the Polish flag and was destroyed by a German air attack still with Polish crew members on board but under the British flag while the Pomerol served between 18 July 1940-8 January 1941 under Polish  flag. The Médoc was launched on 30 May 1902 with yard number 902 1930 by D.&W. Henderson Co. Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland and completed in June 1930 as coaster for Worms, Josse et Cie, Le Havre, France and served in the French navy between September 1939 and 18 July 1940. Gross register tonnage 1.166 tons and net register tonnage 439 tons and as dimensions 83,2 x 10,4 x 4,5 metres or 237.3 x 34.1 x `14 feet. Speed 11,50 knots. Armament consisted of 2 depth charge launchers, 24 depth charges, 4-10cm guns and 2-3,7cm anti aircraft guns. The Pomerol her sister ship was launched with yard number on 12 June 1930 and completed on 8 July 1930 by the same shipyard for the same owner. Dimensions or 237.3 x 34.1 x `14. Feet, gross register tonnage 1.167 tons and net register tonnage 451 tons. Renamed Marititisant just before October 1968? Owned in 1954 by Felix Benitez Rexach, Ciudad Trujillo, Dominican Republic.