Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The conning towers of the French Normandie-class battleships according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1914-1915 no. 4


An item referred to the Moniteur de la la Flotte dated 6 June reporting that the conning towers of the French Normandie-class battleships (1) would consist of 3 floors. The lowest was to be used for as a communication centre for transferring orders, the middle to locate the navigation devices and the highest floor, which was rotating, for the fire control and range finders. The result was an weight increase with about 60 tons.

1. The Normandie-class 25.230 tons battleships to consist of the Normandie, Flandre, Gascogne, Languedoc and Béarn, preceded by the Bretagne-class and succeeded by the planned but not realized Lyon-class and the actual built Dunkerque-class was to consist of 5 units of which just one the Béarn was completed although as an aircraft carrier. The main armament was to consist of 4x3-34cm/13” /45 Modè 1912 guns. The conning tower was to be protected by 30cm/12” thick armour.