Sunday, 16 April 2017

The strength of the French navy according to the Dutch newspaper Bataviaasch nieuwsblad dated 15 June 1911

An item reported that the French navy had in actual service the first squadron in the Mediterranean consisting of 6 battleships, 4 armoured cruisers, 1 small cruiser and 12 torpedo boats. The second squadron of similar strength was theoretically to serve in the Channel but actually in the Mediterranean. The reserve consisted of 7 battleships, 4 armoured cruisers, 2 small cruisers and a large number of torpedo boats. Off the Moroccan coast were 3 cruisers stationed, East Asia 2 armoured cruisers, 1 cruiser, 9 gunboats, 5 torpedo boats, in Australia 1 cruiser, 1 gunboat and in Madagascar 1 gunboat.