Friday, 5 May 2017

Austro-Hungarian torpedo gunboat SMS Magnet 1896-1920

Laid down by Schichau-Werke, Elbing, Germany with yard number 576 on 14 September 1895, launched on 21 March 1896, delivered on 5 July 1896, decommissioned in 1918, ceded to Italy in 1920 and broken up.

Displacement 485-544 (maximum) tons and as dimensions 71,0 x 8,20 x 3,30 metres. Crew numbered 80 men. The machinery consisted of 4 Thornycroft-Schulz water tuber boilers and 2 triple expansion steam engines delivering 5.776 hp and with the 2 screws making a speed of 24,25 (contracted)-25,96 knots possible. With a speed of 10 knots and a coal bunker capacity of 105 tons was the range 4.000 nautical miles. The armament consisted of 5x1-4,7cm L/44 Skoda quick firing guns and 3-45cm torpedo tubes.