Thursday, 25 May 2017

British corvette HMS Carnation 1939-1943 and 1944-1948, Dutch corvette Zr. Ms. Friso (K00) 1943-1944

As the Hr.Ms. Friso. Model Marinemuseum Den Helder, Netherlands

Laid down as the HMS Carnation at Grangemouth Dockyard Co., Grangenouth, England on 31 October 1939, launched on 8 July 1940, commissioned on 16 October 1940, and lend-lease by the British Royal Navy to the Royal Netherlands Navy between 26 March 1943-4 October 1944, laid up, sold on 31 March 1940, became the merchant ship Southern Lauren and broken up at Stavanger, Norway in 1966. Used by the Royal Netherlands Navy for escort service on the Atlantic Ocean and in the Mediterranean. Flower-class corvette.

Displacement 925 tons and as dimensions 62,48x 10,1 x 4,4 metres. Crew numbered 95 men. The horsepower of 2.750hp delivered by 1-4 cylinder triple expansion steam engine allowed a speed of 16 knots. With a fuel oil bunker capacity of 240 ton and 10 knot speed was her range 5.000 nautical miles. The armament consisted of 1-10,2cm Mk9 Low Angle gun, 4-4cm anti aircraft pom pom guns, 2-2cm Oerlikon machineguns and 1 depth charge launcher.