Thursday, 25 May 2017

Dutch minelayer Hr. Ms. Willem van der Zaan 1938-1970

Laid down by Nederlandse Droogdok Maatschappij, Amsterdam, Netherlands on 18 January 1938, launched on 15 December 1938, commissioned on 21 August 1939, served also in the Dutch East Indies in and aft the Second World War, rebuilt as a frigate (F824) in 1950, accommodation and repair ship for the mine service at Vissingen, Netherlands since begin 1961, new pennant A880 since September 1963, decommissioned on 27 February 1970 and sold to Stolk’s Handelsonderneming, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Netherlands to be broken up on 6 October 1970.

With a displacement of 1.422 tons and as dimensions 75,25 x 11,2 x 3,4 metres or 246.11 x 36.9 x 11.2 feet. The machinery consisted of 2 triple expansion steam engines and 2 Yarrow boilers supplying 2.200 ihp allowing with the 2 screws a speed of 15,5 knots. Her crew numbered 140 men. The armament consisted of 2-12cm/4.7” guns, 4-4cm guns and 4-12,7mm/0.50” machineguns and 120 mines.