Sunday, 21 May 2017

British light cruiser HMS Champion 1914-1934

HMS Champion


Part of the C-class light cruisers sub-class Calliope consisting of the Champion and Calliope, preceded by the Arethusa-class and succeeded by the Danae-class.

Building ordered in August 1914 under the 1913 Programme, laid down by Hawthorn Leslie and Company, Tyneside, England on 9 March 1914, launched on 29 may 1915, completed in December 1915, commissioned on 20 December 1915, decommissioned in October 1924, recommissioned as gunnery firing ship in May 1925, decommissioned in December 1933 and sold to the Metal Industries, Rosyth, Scotland to be broken up on 28 July 1934.

Displacement 3.750 tons and as dimensions 136 x 12,6 x 4,4 metres or 446 x 41.5 x 14.5 feet. The machinery consisted of 2 Parsons turbines and 8 Yarrow boilers delivering via 2 shafts 31.000 shp allowing a speed 29,5 knots. Fuel oil bunker capacity of 505-772 (maximum) tons.
Crew numbered 324 men. Armament consisted of 4-15,2cm/6” Mk XII guns, 1-10,2cm/4” Mk V quick firing anti aircraft gun, 1-3pd gun and 6-53,3cm/21” torpedo tubes. Armour consisted of 2,5cm/1” thick deck protecting the rudder, amidships 1 2,5cm/1” thick upper deck and further more a main belt with a thickness of 1.25-2.25” (side bows)-4” (side amidships)-2.5-2” (side stern).