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British light cruiser HMS Comus 1913-1934

HMS Comus

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Part of the C-class light cruisers sub-class Caroline consisting of the Caroline, Carysfort, Cleopatra, Comus, Conquest and Cordelia, preceded by the Arethusa-class and succeeded by the Danae-class.

Laid down by Swan Hunter, Wallsend-on-Tyne, England on 13 November 1913, launched on 16 December 1914, completed in May 1915, commissioned on 15 May 1915, decommissioned ion December 1924, decommissioned in September 1925, decommissioned in December 1933 and sold to Thos W. Ward, Barrow-in-Furness, England be broken up on 28 July 1934.

Displacement 3.750 (normal)-4.219 (loaded)-4.733 (deep) tons and as dimensions 130-136 (over all) x 12,6 x 5 (maximum) metres or 420-446 x 41.5 x 16 feet. The Parsons turbines supplied via 4 shafts 40.000 shp allowing a speed of 28,5 knots. Fuel oil bunker capacity 405 tons. Crew numbered 325 men. Armament consisted of 2x1-15,2cm/6” cal 45 Mk XII guns, 8-10,2cm/4” cal 45 Mk V quick firing guns, 1-6pd gun and 4-53,3cm/21” torpedo tubes. Later replaced by 4-15,2cm/6” cal 45 Mk XII guns, 2-7,8cm/3” anti aircraft guns and 4-53,3cm/21” torpedo tubes. The armour consisted of a 2,5cm/1”-7,6c7,/3” thick belt and 2,5cm/1” thick decks.