Monday, 8 May 2017

Bull Sand Fort in the mouth of the Humber estuary

Underway towards Immingham, England 4 November 2016

Position 53°33′43″Norge and 0°4′3″East. Together with Haile Sand Fort part of the Humber Forts standing in the mouth of the Humber estuary to protect this entrance. Although the building was planned in 1914 was the building not earlier begun as in may 1915 and completed by December 1919. Diameter 82 feet/25 metres and a height above the water of 59 feet/18 metres. Able to accommodate 200 men. During the Second World war again commissioned were both forts regularly attacked by the German air force. The building of Bull Sand Fort on a distance of 2,4 kilometres from Spurn Head was far from easy while it is standing on a sandbank already 3,4 metres/11 feet below water. The 4 storey fort of concrete was at the seaward side protected with 30cm/12” thick armour. The armament consisted of 4-15,25cm/6” guns. Decommissioned by the armed forces in 1956.