Saturday, 20 May 2017

Dutch paddle steamship 4th class Onrust to be docked at Singapore according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1887-1888 no. 7

An item dated Djambi, Dutch East Indies 10 August 1887 reported that the Dutch steamship Zr. Ms. Onrust departed in July the station to be docked at Singapore where she was to be cleaned below the waterline and painted.(1)

1. Paddle steamship 4th class, call sign GQPN, iron-built. on stocks at the shipyard of Ned. Stoomboot Mij. Fijenoord, Rotterdam, Netherlands on 15 September 1860, launched in 1863 with yard number 62, disassembled, transported to the Dutch East Indies and in 1863 at Surabaya, Dutch East Indies  assembled, decommissioned on 1 September 1892, stricken 1892, sold for ƒ 8.400 to Kwee Hap Tik at the naval establishment at Surabaya at 10.00 o’clock on Saturday 4 March 1893, dimensions 45,72 x 6,50-12,4 (over paddle wheels) x 1,70m, 293 tons displacement, 3 (1-30pd, 2-12cm carronades)-4 (1885: 2-12cm, 2-7cm rifled )guns, horsepower 80 hp and a crew numbering 43-67 (45 Europeans and 22 natives) men.