Thursday, 25 May 2017

Dutch screw steamship 1st class Zr. Ms. Leeuwarden laid up at Surabaya, Dutch East Indies according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1886-1887 no. 6

An item reported that the Zr. Ms. Leeuwarden in 1885 was decommissioned at the navy establishment at Surabaya, Dutch East Indies and laid up in conservation. Inventory parts were repaired and the ship kept dry by pumping.(1)

1. Screw steamship 1st class, call sign GQMN, on stocks at the navy yard at Vlissingen, Netherlands, Netherlands on 6 December 1859, launched on Saturday 13.30 o’clock 19 October 1861, condemned 1886, decommissioned on 20 September 1885 and sold at Surabaya, Dutch East Indies for ƒ 26.050 on 23 January 1886, dimensions 58,00-62,84 (over all) x 12,25 x 5,50 metres, 2.030 tons displacement, an armament of 10 guns (10 rifled 16cm guns, 1881: 6-12cm guns, 4 rifled 16cm guns), a crew numbering 212-225 men, 8,5 knots speed and 250 hp horsepower.