Thursday, 25 May 2017

Machinery of Dutch ram turret Zr. Ms. Prins Hendeik der Nederlanden repaired at Surabaya, Dutch East Indies according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1886-1887 no. 6

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Netherlands. Original source

An item reported that the navy establishment at Surabaya, Dutch East Indies in 1885 assisted when the cranks of the Zr.Ms. Prins Hendrik der Nederlanden were taken out and further more were small repairs of boats and inventory parts done.(1)

1. Ram turret, call sign GQRS, laid down at Laird, Birkenhead, England in August 1865, on launched 9 October 1866, commissioned on 1 May 1866, in 1901 transferred to the Department of Colonies. In 1905 given back and used as ammunition ship. Building costs ƒ 1.805.169,82. Iron-built, Dimensions 70,14 x 13,32 x 5,70 metres and a displacement of 3.375 tons. Her 2 engines and 4 boilers delivered 2.426 ihp which made with 2 screws a speed of 12,09 miles possible. Also fitted out with 3 masts and a sail area of 1.554m2, but sailed worse. Armed with 4-23cm rifled guns and 4-12cm guns. Armour sides was 115mm. Her crew numbered 230 men. Laid design based on ideas of the British navy captain Coles but altered according to remarks of the Dutch naval chief engineer B.J. Tideman. In 1875 destined for the service in the Dutch East Indies.