Saturday, 6 May 2017

Dutch sea going tug Parma executing trials according to the Dutch magazine Schip en Werf dated 8 February 1935

An item reported that the Dutch sea going tug Parma performed well during her trial. Built under special supervision of Lloyds’s  Register of Shipping (class 100A1) for account of the N.V. Curacaosche Scheepvaart Mij, Willemstad, Curacao by Scheepswerf Duivendijk, Lekkerkerk, Netherlands. Machinery made and placed by Boele’s Scheepswerven en Machinefabriek, Bolnes, Netherlands. Triple steam expansion engine and a Scottish boilwe with 180 lbs pressure. Totally electrically lightened. Salvage pump with 150 tons/hour capacity. Gross tonnage 257,01 tons and as dimensions 99’6” (between perpendiculars) x 25’3” (midshipsection) x 13’6” (depth).