Thursday, 4 May 2017

French Normandie-class battleships heavier armoured as preceding classes according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1913-1914 no. 6




An item referred to the magazine le Yacht dated 20 September reporting that the new battleships of the Gascogne design (1) to be heavier armed as the Provence (2) with armour inclining in thickness from 230cm instead of 18cm below the waterline. In the Jean Bart-class (3) was the thickness of the armour belt also inclining van 27cm downward to 18cm, but now probably to minimum 23cm.

1. The Normandie-class consisting of the Normandie, Gascogne, Flandre, Languedoc and Béarn except for the Béarn never completed. The Bérn was converted into an aircraft carrier. Armour belt amidships 30cm/12” reducing to the ends 12cm/4.7-18cn/7.1”.
2. Of the Bretagne-class consisting of the Provence, Bretagne and Lorraine. Armour belt 16c,/3” (ends) 27cm.10.6” (amidships).
3. Of the Courbet-class consisted of the Courbet, Jean Bart, Paris and France preceded by the Danton-class and succeeded by the Bretagne-class. Armour belt 1/7.1”-27cm/10.6”.