Saturday, 13 May 2017

German destroyer SMS B98 1915-1920

Image Copyright Beth Loft. 

Part of the B-97 class consisting of the B97- 98, 109-110 an the V99-100. Launched by Blohm&Voss, Hamburg, Germany on 2 January 1915, commissioned on 24 March 1915, seized by the United Kingdom at Scapa Flow on 22 June 1919, lost while under tow to probably Rosyth and stranded at the bay of Lopness, Sanday, Orkney on 17 February 1920 and en situ and for the main part broken up although what was left of her still remains.

Dimensions 96 (waterline)-98 (over all) x 9,35 x 3,42 metres pt 315.0-321.6 x 30.8 x 11.1 feet and a displacement pf 1.374 (normal)-1.843 (deep load) tons. The machinery consisted of 2 sets of steam turbines and 4 oil fuelled boilers supplying 40.000hp via 2 shafts allowing a speed of 36 knots and a range of 2.620 nautical miles with a speed of 20 knots. Crew numbered 114-140 men. Armament consisted of 4x1-8,8cm L/45 quick firing guns and 6-50cm/19.8” torpedo tubes (2x2 and 2x1)and further more could 34 mines taken with them.