Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Japan and USA probably keeping battleships Mutsu respectively Colorado according to the Dutch newspaper Limburgsch dagblad dated 16 December 1921

The Japanese Mutsu

The American Colorado-class

An item reported that at Washington the discussions about the ratio of capital ships between the major naval powers continued. Japan was allowed to keep the battle cruiser Mutsu.(1) Hughes (2) refused to discuss the ratio 5:3 but an rearrangement of the tons over the types was discussable. Proposals from France and Italy were to be awaited. The latest news was that of Japan was allowed to keep the Mutsu, the USA could keep the USS Colorado.(3)

1. Of the Nagato-class battleships consisting of the Nagato and the Mutsu, preceded by the Ise-class and succeeded by the Tosa-class. Laid down at the Yokosuka Naval Arsenal on 1 June 1918, launched on 31 May 1920, commissioned on 24 October 1921 and finally sunk in the Hashirakima fleet anchorage caused by an internal explosion on 8 June 1943.
2. Charles Evans Hughes (11 April 1862 Glens Falls, New York, USA-27 August 1948 (Osterville, Massachusetts, USA), Secretary of States 1921-1925 and Republican politician.
3. Laid down by the New York Shipbuilding Corporation on 29 May 1919, launched by Mrs. Max Melville on 22 March 1921, commissioned on 30 August 1923, overhauled 1928-1929, refitted at the Puget Sound Navy Yard 25 June1941-31 March 1942, decommissioned at Pearl Harbor on 7 January 1947, stricken on 1 March 1959 and sold to be broken up on 23 July 1959. Nicknamed Buckin Bronco. Of the Colorado-class battleships consisting of the Colorado, Maryland, West Virginia and Washington preceded by the Tennessee-class and succeeded by the South Dakota and North Carolina-classes.