Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Salvage of German battle cruiser SMS Hindenburg according to the Dutch newspaper Bataviaasch nieuwsblad dated 28 August 1926

SMS Hindenburg

An item dated Rugby, England 26th reported that the as a result of heavy storm off the Orkney Isles the German battle cruiser SMS Hindenburg sunk again. At that moment tried salvagers to salvage the wreck. An earlier salvaged German destroyer was used as breakwater. Despite this was the floating dock used to salvage the Hindenburg also damaged and needed it first to be repaired. It would take some time before could be restarted with pumping the water out of the wreck of the Hindenburg.

1. Building ordered under the 1912-1913 Naval Program as a replacement of the protected cruiser Hertha, laid down at the Kaiserliche Werft, Wilhelmshaven, Germany on 1 October 1913, launched on 1 August 1915, commissioned on 10 May 1917, fully operational on 20 October 1917, scuttled by her own crew in Scapa Flow, Orkney Isles, Scotland on 21 June 1919, wreck salvaged on 23 July 1930 and broken up at Rosyth, Scotland between 1930-1932. Part of the Derfflinger-class although with a modified design like improved gun turrets resulting in an increased fire range with 2.5 degrees more elevation (16 degrees).