Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The French submarine building program according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1913-1914 no. 6

An item referred to the Moniteur de la Flotte dated 6 September reported that 19 submarines of 5 different classes for the French navy of which the building started between 1910-1913 were still on stocks or being completed.
The 410-550 tons Clorinde, Cornélie (1910), Amphitrite, Astrée, Arthémis, Aréthuse, Atolante, Amarante, Ariadne and Adromaque (1912); to be fitted out with diesels allowing a speed of 15 (surfaced)-9,5 (submerged) miles. Of the same design as the Pluviôse and Foucault.
The 800-1.100 tons Gustave Zéde (1910) and Nereïde (1911). The first one was fitted out with steam engines causing a limited speed of 18 in stead of 20 knots. The hope was that the Nereïde would get diesel engines. The constructors of the diesels were now able to built a. 4.800 hp diesel achieving all demands like weight and dimensions and therefore was a new one designed.
The 520 (surfaced) tons Bellone (1912), Hermidale and Gorgone (1918) with a horsepower of 2.100 hp and a suspected speed of 17,5 miles. The 630 tons Diane and Daphné, an enlarged Bellone-design laid down this year.
The Dupuy de Lôme and Sané laid down this year and to be fitted out with triple expansion engines allowing a speed of 19 miles while expected was that in 1914 with the building of submarines with turbines would be started.