Thursday, 11 May 2017

Turkish cabinet wanted French shipyard to repair the battle cruiser Yavuz Sultan Selim according to the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Handelsblad dated 6 November 1926

as the German SMS Goeben

An item dated Constantinople, Turkey 5th reported that the Turkish cabinet decided to give a French shipyard at St. Nazaire an order to repair the former German battle cruiser Goeben.(1) The contract was yet not signed but to execute at Ismidt where 4 days earlier a large floating dock was launched. The dock was there build under German supervision.

1. Moltke-class. Sister ship Moltke. Building ordered on 8 April 1909, laid down at the shipyard of Blohm&Voss, Hamburg, Germany on 28 August 1909, launched on 28 March 1911, commissioned on 2 July 1912, handed over to the Turkish government on 16 August 1914, renamed Yavuz Sultan Selim and commissioned in the Turkish navy. Decommissioned on 20 December 1950, renamed Yavuz in 1935, stricken on 14 November 1954 and finally broken up in 1973.