Wednesday, 28 June 2017

American 5-mast schooner Edna Hoyt became coal hulk at Lisbon, Portugal according to the Dutch newspaper Het Vaderland dated 11 July 1938

An item reported that the American 5-mast schooner Edna Hoyt was condemned and lying in the harbour of Lisbon, Portugal where her a final fate as coal hulk awaited. She was built of wood in 1920 for the coastal trade. Despite lacking good sailing qualities was an economic ship. Recently she crossed the Atlantic Ocean and entered Lisbon on the return voyage while leaking.(1)

1. Dimensions 224 x 41.1 x 20.8 (depth) feet. Built by Dunn and Elliot, Thomaston, Maine for account of the Superior Trading and Transportation Company. Towed in Lisbon by a Norwegian steamship in November 1937 and later sold to be broken up. Ship’s papers returned to her owner captain Harold G. Foss.