Thursday, 22 June 2017

American Electric Boat Company submarine design Type 8 dated 23 March 1905

An improved type 7P –design. With a length of 80 feet and as displacement 135 (light)-165 (submerged) tons.

Design average achievements of the design on official trials.
In the so-called light condition was the maximum speed 9,5 knots, endurance 60 hours and the range 570 nautical miles. With the cruising speed of 7 knots was the endurance 120 hours and the range 840 nautical miles.
In the so-called intermediate condition was the maximum speed 8,5 knots, endurance 60 hours and the range 510 nautical miles. Cruising speed comparable with light condition.
In the so-called submerged condition carrying the periscope was the speed 7,5 knots, the endurance 3,5 hours and the range 26 nautical miles, at 6 knots respectively 9 hours and 54 nautical miles and with 4,5 knots 30 hours respectively 135 nautical miles/

Armament consisted of 2 torpedo tubes and she carried 4 torpedoes with her. The torpedoes were loaded in the submarine already assembled although still always accessible for maintenance or adjustment. Reloading while submerged and using al  4 torpedoes was to be realized within 4-5 minutes.

Archive Kon. Mij. De Schelde 1875-1960 (Municipality Archive Vlissingen) T 214.802.