Monday, 26 June 2017

Dutch screw steamship 4th class Zr. Ms. Java executing trials according to the Dutch newspaper De Tijd dated 9 February 1886

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Original url

An item reported that the Dutch screw steamship Zr. Ms. Java lying at the shipyard Fijenoord, Netherlands was to be brought in the coming week towards Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands to execute her trials on the Haringvliet and to return towards Hellevoetsluis where she was to be commissioned.(1)

1. Laid down by the Nederlandse Stoomboot Mij, Fijenoord, Netherlands in 1885, launched in 1885, commissioned at Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands on 16 February 1886, decommissioned on 11 July 1904, handed over the Government Navy in the Dutch East Indies in 1905. Costs when first fitted out ƒ 600.000. Dimensions 62,60 x 9,50 x 4,30 metres and a displacement of 1.118 tons. Horsepower 1.050 ihp allowing a speed of 12,75 miles. Crew numbered 78 Europeans and 34 natives. Armament consisted of 1-15cm A, gun, 3-12cm K.A. guns, 1-7,5cm A gun and 3-3,7cm iron guns. Iron built, doubled with wood and coppered.