Monday, 5 June 2017

French armoured cruiser Ernest Renan (1906) in 1923

Fleets of the world 1915. 
Compiled from official sources and classified according to types. 
Eveleigh Nash, London, England, 1915. 

Improved Léon Gambetta-design. Launched in 1906, completed in 1909, displacement 13.504 tons, horsepower 36.000 hp, coal fired reciprocating machinery and an armament of 4-7.6” guns, 12-6.5” guns, 18 smaller and light guns and 2 submerged torpedo tubes.

Archive Dutch Naval Staff 1886-1942 (National Archive at the Hague, Netherlands) inventory number 155. Fleets (the British Empire and foreign countries) on 1 February 1923.