Monday, 19 June 2017

French navy believed in superiority of her Duguay Trouin-class cruisers according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1926 no. 4

French Duguay-Trouin class

American Omaha-class

British Hawkins-class

Spanish Almirante Cercera-class

Dutch cruiser Hr. Ms. Java

An item referred to the Naval and Military Record dated 31 March 1926 reporting that within the French navy was believed that the French Duguay Trouin cruisers (1) were superior to the American Omaha-class (2) while they were faster despite the fact that the Omaha’s could fire fore and afterwards with 6 against the French just 4 guns. Further more were the French cruisers superior qua armament and/or speed against the British 7.900 ton Hawkins (3) and Enterprise (4), the Spanish 7.900 ton Alfonso’s (5) and the Dutch Sumatra’s.(6)

1. Duguay Trouin class light cruisers, succeeded by the Jeanne d’Arc. Consisting of 3 ships, displacement 7.365 (standard)-9.500 (full load) tons, speed 30 knots, armour consisting of a 2cm/0.79 thick deck, 3cm/1.2” thick magazine box and the gun turrets and conning tower protected by 3cm/1.2”. Armament consisted of 4x2-15,5cm/6.1” cal 50 guns, 4x1-7,5cm/3” anti aircraft guns and 4x3-55cm/22” torpedo tubes.
2. Omaha-class light cruisers, preceded by the Chester-class, succeeded by the Brooklyn-class, displacement 7.160 tons, speed 35 knots and an armament of 7x1&2x2-15,2cm/6” 53 cal guns, 4-7,6cm/3” 50 cal guns and 2x3-53,3cm/21” torpedo tubes. The armour consisted of a 7,6cm/3” thick belt and a 3,8cm/1.5” thick deck. Consisted of 10 ships.
3. Hawkins-class heavy cruisers of 5 were built, succeeded by the County-class, built between 1916-1925, displacement 9.750 (standard)-12.190 (full load) tons, speed 31 knots, armour main belt maximum 7,6cm/3, upper belt maxim 5,1cm/2”, upper deck maximum 3,8cm/1.5”, main deck maximum 3,8cm/1.5”and gun shields maximum 5,1cm/2”.
4. Emerald class light cruiser, built 1918-1926, displacement 7.700 tons, speed 33 knots, armour consisted of a maximum 7,6cm/3” thick belt and a 2,5cm/1” deck and an armament of 1x2&5x1-15,2cm/6” Mk XII guns, 3-10,2cm/4” quick firing anti aircraft guns and 2x4-21” torpedo tubes.
5. The Almirante Cervera-class consisting of 3 ships, succeeded by the Canarias-class heavy cruisers, built launched 1922-1929, displacement 7.595 (standard)-9.385 (full load) tons, speed 33 knots, armour consisted of a maximum 7m6cm/3” thick belt, maximum 5,1cm/2” thick deck and with the conning tower protected by 15cm/6” and an armament of 3x2&2x1-15,2cm/6” guns, 4-10.2cm/4” guns, 3-4,7cm guns and 4x3-53,3cm/21” torpedo tubes.
6. Java-class light cruisers consisted of the Java, Sumatra and the never completed Celebes, preceded by the Holland protected cruiser-class and succeeded by the De Ruyter. Displacement 6.670 (standard)-8.087 (full load) tons, speed 31 knots, armour consisting of a 7,5cm/3” thick belt. 2,605cm thick deck. Conning tower protected by 12,5cm/4.9” and the guns by 10cm/3.9” gun shields. The armament consisted of 10-15cm/5.9’ Bofors guns, 6/8-4cm Bofors anti aircraft guns and 8-0.50” Browning machineguns. Java laid down on 31 May 1916, launched on 6 August 1921, commissioned on 1 May 1925 and sunk in the battle of the Java Sea on 27 February 1944 and the Sumatra laid down in 15 July 1916, launched on 29 December 1920, commissioned on 26 May 1926 and scuttled on 9 June 1944 off Normandy, France.