Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Italian cargo ship (ex-Meta 1911-1954) Onice 1954-

Built from steel as a 2-mast schooner, sail area 365 square metres, 137 gross tonnage, 104 tons net tonnage, 227 tons deadweight and as dimensions 27,69 x 7,02 x 2,66 metres. Crew numbered 6 men. Owned by Partenreederei, Brake, Germany, in 1919 as war reparations handed over to France, 1920 owned by M. Valoussiere, Marseille, France, in 1921 fitted out with 1-2cylinder two stroke diesel, sold in 1923 towards Italy, renamed Onice in 1953, fitted out with 1-180hp 4 cylinder four stroke diesel, sold in 2004 to be broken up at Trapani, but intentions changed since then and she is now under reconstruction to be completed around 2018-2010.