Sunday, 2 July 2017

American flying boat Boeing A-314 Cape Town Clipper 1941-1947

Improved design. Fitted out with 4xs-1.600hp Twin-Cyclones. Of this type were 3 sold to Pan Am and 3 to the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC). Sold to the US Navy in 1942 and resold to the American International Airways in 1947 and renamed Bermuda Queen. On 14 October 1947 after she landed was she total loss and sunk by the US Coast Guard as a precaution to protect the merchant shipping. Crew numbered 11 persons including the 2 cabin stewards, Payload fro mail and cargo was 4.500kg/10.000lb. Dimensions 32,33 (length) x 6,22 (height) x 46,36 (wingspan) metres or 106 x 20.4½ x 152 feet. Weight 21.900/48.400lb (empty)-38.000kg/84.000lb (loaded). Service ceiling 5,98 kilometres or 19.600 feet. Range with the cruise speed was 3.685 miles. Speed 188 (cruising)-210 (maximum) miles.