Wednesday, 12 July 2017

British destroyer HMS Mallard executing trials according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1897-1898 No. 7

An item referred to the Engineering reporting that the British destroyer Mallard left Chatham, England for a coal consumption trial on 7 September, which was performed with satisfying results. Steam pressure in the boilers 211pd/square inch, air pressure on the fireplaces 2”.87, rpm of starboard engine 338,1 and port engine 395,9. Developed horsepower 5.749 ihp allowing during 3 consecutive hours a speed of 30.201 miles and a medium speed during 6 runs on the measured mile of 30,794 miles. Coal consumption was considered as economic. She was new being prepared for the second series of trials. On her official full speed trial was medium speed of 30,096 miles during 6 runs on the measured mile and 30,115 miles during 3 consecutive hours achieved.(1)

1. Building ordered under the 1894-1895 naval estimates on 30 May 1895, laid down by John I. Thornycroft&Company Shipyard, Chiswick, England with yard number 308 on 13 September 1895, launched on 19 November 1896, commissioned in October 1897, reclassified as D-class destroyer in 1913, laid up in reserve in 1919 and sold to be broken up on 10 February 1920.