Thursday, 6 July 2017

British protected cruiser HMS Amphitrite executing trials according to the Dutch magazine dated Marineblad 1899-1900 no. 5

Sister ship HMS Diadem

An item referred to the magazine le Yacht reporting that the British cruiser 1st class Amphitrite performed some of her trials. With a displacement of 11.000 tons was her horsepower 18.000 hp and the designed speed 21 miles. On the 30 hours trial with 20% of her horsepower was with 15,09 atmosphere pressure in the boilers at 73 rpm a horsepower of 3.751 hp developed and a speed of 1,3 miles achieved. Coal consumption 0,69 kilo/hour/hp. The 30 hours trial with 13.500ihp was stopped after problems with a high pressure cylinder was later repeated. With 17,7 atmosphere boiler pressure and 111 rpm was 13.695 hp developed and a medium speed of 19,5 miles achieved. Coal consumption 0,65kg/hour/hp. On a 8 hours trial with forced draught and a boiler pressure of 19,6 atmosphere was 18,229hp developed and a medium speed of 20,78 miles achieved. Coal consumption 0,71kg/hour/hp.(1)

1. Of the Diadem-class protected cruiser, laid down by Vickers, Sons&Maxim Limited, Barrow-in-Furness, England on 8 December 1896, launched on 5 July 1898, minelayer in 1917 and sold on 12 April 1920.