Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Building of 14 destroyers for Royal British navy ordered according to the Dutch magazine dated Marineblad 1899-1900 no. 5

An item referred to the magazine Mittheilungen aus dem Gebiete des Seewesens reporting that the 12 destroyers in the spring allowed to be built, were ordered by Fairfield&Co. at the Clyde, Vickers, Sons and Maxim at Barrow, Laird Brothers at Birkenhead, Palmers’ Co. at Yarrow-on-Tyne, Hawthorne, Leslie and Co. ant Newcastle and Doxford, Sunderland. Messrs. Thornycroft were to built 2-3 300 tons destroyers, 6000 ihp and a speed of 30 miles. If those ships were built numbered the Royal British Navy more as 130 destroyers.